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  • How much money does a dedicated server cost?
    The price of a dedicated server depends on the functionality you want to have, the resources required, and its reliability. Normally, its price might vary from around 30-50 USD per month to several hundred USD per month.
  • How to know if my VPS is safe?
    To make sure your VPS is safe, use SSH only to log into the server. The root account shall be disabled. All the needed security updates shall be installed.
  • What is Anti DDOS VPS?
    Anti DDOS VPS is a VPS protected, or hardened, against DDOS attacks.
  • How much does a VPS cost?
    A VPS might cost from just a couple of dollars up to several hundreds of dollars per month. It depends on the functionality, safety, and reliability that is required for your website.
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  • How to use a source dedicated server? How to use a source dedicated server?
    An SRCDS, or a Source Dedicated Server, is a special tool that runs the server Source game component without an appropriate client component. So, it simulates a game, but it does it without drawing the game
  • How much does a VPS cost? How much does a VPS cost?
    The cost of your VPS might vary significantly depending on many factors. Reliable VPS hosting can cost just a couple of dollars per month. This option is good for websites that don’t have high requirements

Renting a dedicated server in Canada is the best solution for hosting your online stores, game servers and any other websites that are aimed at users from North America, especially from the USA and Canada. By choosing the appropriate configuration with the help of our specialists, you can forever forget about problems with stability and speed of work and concentrate completely on getting the maximum profit from your projects.

By renting a dedicated server in Canada you get maximum security and complete minimization of all risks from illegal access to your information.

Thanks to all the technical work done by the data center in Canada without interruption of services, you can be sure in the uninterrupted operation of your server and the projects located on it. By contacting our sales team, you will find out the current prices and special offers for server rental in Canada and get a free consultation.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is one of the types of hosting, choosing which you get for your use a whole server, a separate physical machine, which is used to host the website. Typically, dedicated servers host large projects with high traffic, as well as those that require special, unique server settings.

Choosing a dedicated server, you get full control over its configuration. So, you can configure it exactly as you need specifically for your project.

What are the advantages of a dedicated server in Canada?

A dedicated server in Canada can be a very convenient solution for some websites and applications.

To begin with, a dedicated server is the most secure hosting option possible. The big plus is that you do not share the server with other websites that may be vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Also, dedicated servers, as a rule, have a higher uptime (continuous operation time), since there is a lower probability of software errors due to which the server may stop working. The server can withstand much higher loads.

In addition, as already mentioned, you can use all the resources of a dedicated server for your project, and you can also scale the server to the needs of the website.

How is a dedicated server different from Canada VPS hosting?

Choosing a dedicated server, you get access to the entire server. And if you choose VPS (Virtual Private Server), then you just rent some part on this server.

If you compare with the building, then in the case of VPS you rent a separate apartment or office, and in the case of a dedicated server, the entire building, and you can dispose of each apartment (and room) as you wish. We believe it is now clear why a dedicated server is a bit more expensive than VPS.

And when choosing a dedicated server, all server resources will belong only to you, without the need to share them with hundreds of other websites on the same server.

A dedicated server is a good choice for hosting, which will give you a lot of opportunities.

Should you switch to a Canada dedicated server?

If you started to think about switching to a dedicated server from shared hosting, then consider the following points. You should switch to a dedicated server if:

  • your website traffic has increased significantly, and therefore the load has increased;
  • your project has undergone major technical changes, and now it cannot be located on a shared hosting.

A dedicated server is a reliable and secure hosting. When choosing characteristics, focus on the requirements of the project.

Virtual Private Server in Canada

Virtual private server (VPS), like conventional hosting, is the placement of your websites on the server of the hosting provider with the websites of other users. But unlike conventional hosting, the number of clients hosted on one server is much smaller, which makes the allowable load much more. At the same time, a certain server power (processor, memory, RAM) is assigned to you. Therefore, this service is the next step in the development of the website, when more than 5-10 thousand visitors a day appear on it.

Why and who chooses VPS hosting?

  • These are website owners who need non-standard configurations.
  • Those with websites who start to spend a large amount of shared hosting resources.
  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in the level of security and technical characteristics of a virtual private server.

Today, high-quality hosting is one of the most important conditions for a successful business or other projects. Fast and uninterrupted operation of the website, especially for commercial projects, means too much to make light of taking the choice of hosting.

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