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A dedicated server in Paris is the best solution for web hosting in Europe. Paris is arguably the most cosmopolitan city on the continent. Hence, it seems an obvious choice to install a web hosting server in Europe. A dedicated server is a physical machine that puts all its hardware and software at the disposal of a single website. It offers many advantages like:

  • Superior flexibility in comparison to shared hosting;
  • Increased security against cyber attacks;
  • A good reputation for the website that is being hosted;
  • The entire control of the hardware and software of the server;
  • A unique IP address, which ensures that all the incoming traffic is for the hosted website;
  • Superior performance and stability.

This web hosting solution seems to be ideal for any business website, right? Is there anything bad with this option? Well, there is a major disadvantage. A dedicated server Paris is a very expensive solution. It is quite practical since any operating system (OS) can be chosen for the server. Commonly, a UNIX or Linux version is offered at no cost. But even with a free OS, the rental price of the server can be very high. It does not matter whether the server is moved somewhere else in Europe. The costs of maintenance and operation will be high if one chooses Frankfurt or any other city as a server site.

Unless your business is flourishing, a more economical hosting solution should be used for the website. Something like a virtual private server (VPS) in Prague is worth considering.

A VPS Hosting Solution in Paris Will Be Much Cheaper

A VPS Paris can host your website at a significantly lower cost. From a qualitative point of view, there is no difference in comparison to a dedicated server. A VPS in Paris is a software-defined server running its copy of OS. It means that you can install any software you wish that is compatible with the OS running on the VPS. It is possible because you get the superuser’s access to the VPS.

Is there any drawback? Yes, there is one. A VPS cannot perform well if compared to a dedicated server. Since different VPS share the same hardware, traffic peaks on other websites can impact the performance of your website. However, knowledge of the characteristics of both solutions can help to make a better decision. Do you need a dedicated server? For example, online stores with a large amount of incoming traffic cannot compromise performance. A server failure during a major sales event would represent very high economical losses. In such cases, a dedicated server is a must. Otherwise, VPS hosting should be considered as a viable solution.

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