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  • What is an unmanaged VPS?
    In an unmanaged VPS, everything shall be handled by the client, even the technical things behind the server managing.
  • What is a fully managed dedicated server?
    A service provider manages all the technical things behind the running of a physical server: setup, management, maintenance, and so on.
  • How to make changes in VPS settings?
    You can make the needed changes from your account. So, log in to your account. From the Manage Servers option, select your server. Make the needed modifications.
  • What happens if a dedicated server goes down?
    Server downtime can be caused by many reasons: malware, a DDoS attack, an issue of a technical character, or whatever else. If it happens, we provide immediate support to eliminate the downtime reason and retrieve the data.

You can choose whether you want something easier and less reliable or require a solution that offers the best features. if you choose between a shared and the dedicated server.

Any Prague service, as well as services in Paris, offers a number of advantages which you will not be able to enjoy with any other solution:

  1. You have complete control over the server including root access;
  2. Priorities include technical support for your server;
  3. And you have an unique IP on your dedicated server.

Thus, nobody is able to access any component of your dedicated server, neither in Prague nor in Frankfurt; only you are responsible for the whole of this traffic. Administrator access makes it possible to customize your server and update it to meet your business needs.

However, at the same time, there are some inconveniences with it. Your special server can be pretty costly because you pay a rental for the whole server. If you are not ready to spend much funds, another solution you can check is a VPS Prague.

A VPS Dedicated Service in Prague: Pros and Cons

A VPS offers a dedicated server Prague service as well. Some differences exist between it and the option described above. You may take these distinctions into consideration and choose the most functional and cost-effective solution.

The VPS host essentially provides virtually anything a server in Miami does at a considerably lower cost. That is easy: you don't pay for a separate server but share physical hardware with other VPS-related solutions. Therefore, in the case of a server in Prague, any bad moments are not present. There might be performance problems when the physical database uses peaks. However, a VPS gives you a sense that you used a dedicated hosting solution at the same time. In fact, it is good as an ecologically sound approach. It does not need additional physical software to be installed in its application, and it is another qualitative advantage of VPS.

Today, you can make a well-weighted decision if you learn both good and bad functions of a dedicated server and VPS. Consider the costs, benefits, and drawbacks of every approach and pick the one that best suits your needs.

You can choose between a solution that is simpler or less trustworthy or the one which provides the best functionality if you decide between a shared server and a dedicated server.

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