Dedicated server & VPS in Sweden

Proposal for dedicated:
Proposal for VPS:
  • KVM VPS 1 GB
    • Country: Sweden
    • City: Gothenburg
    • CPU 1 x Xeon Core
    • RAM 1 GB
    • HDD 10GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 10/month
  • KVM VPS 4 GB
    • Country: Sweden
    • City: Gothenburg
    • CPU 1 x Xeon Core
    • RAM 4 GB
    • HDD 40GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 35/month
  • KVM VPS 8 GB
    • Country: Sweden
    • City: Gothenburg
    • CPU 2 x Xeon Core
    • RAM 8 GB
    • HDD 80GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 55/month
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  • What is the best Linux for VPS?
    The best Linux for VPS is Slackware, Mageia, Arch Linux, Oracle Linux, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • What is the difference between VPS and dedicated server?
    A VPS is a virtual space in a physical server. Many clients may use the same physical server as you. A dedicated server is a physical server used by one user.
  • How to know if my VPS is safe?
    To make sure your VPS is safe, use SSH only to log into the server. The root account shall be disabled. All the needed security updates shall be installed.
  • How to setup SSH on VPS centos?
    SSH is a special cryptographic protocol. To install it on VPS Centos, you need to install the OpenSSH server software package. Then, start the service. After that, enable it. Move to the OpenSSH server configuration. Finally, setup the Firewall.
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Dedicated server is a type of hosting, in which the client receives a separate physical computer machine (computer, server) (as opposed to virtual hosting). It is usually used to run applications that cannot coexist on the same server with other projects or have increased resource requirements.

Pros of the Dedicated Server:

    • Dedicated server speed. Dedicated servers provide maximum performance and page generation time, which is important for website visitors. The quick response of an Internet resource to user requests is the beginning of success in promoting your products in any online store.
    • The flexibility of a dedicated server. If you want to run a specialized or customizable business application or database, then most likely you will need a dedicated server with its flexible settings.
    • Scaling a dedicated server. With an increase in traffic and application requirements, there is an increasing need for speed and reliability. If you use a dedicated server, then there is the opportunity to solve these problems yourself, well, or with our help.
    • Dedicated Server Security. Shared hosting is not as secure as a dedicated server. After all, if the protection on another server website is damaged, then your website may be damaged. A dedicated server is protected by a firewall, with which all accesses and connections are controlled. If the server contains very important information, then increased security should be the highest priority. Shared hosting gives you the chance as a regular user to test yourself when you are just starting out. But as your business grows and more complex features such as e-commerce are added to your website, a dedicated server becomes more necessary.


Renting a Divided Server in Sweden is Favorable for the Following Reasons:

      1. Placing a dedicated server in a data center in Stockholm is a guarantee of the stable and safe operation of your website thanks to a large selection of access points and redundant power supply.
      2. Since server equipment located on the websites in the data center is the property of the company, Host World offers its customers high-quality services at reasonable prices.
      3. If the Internet project is aimed at a European user, then renting a dedicated server in Sweden will make it as accessible as possible for the target audience.
      4. European law fully protects confidential information located on the server from unauthorized access.
      5. You can be sure of the stable operation of the resource if it does not harm other users and does not cause reasonable claims.
      6. The professional technical support staff will help solve any problems.

VPS in Sweden

VPS in Sweden is a way to conveniently and safely post your content without the risk of losing, deleting or blocking it. The laws of the country allow freer than in most European countries to deal with intellectual property.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a cross between shared hosting and a physical server. The technology allows you to run a separate virtual server within a physical server. A single physical server can host multiple virtual servers.

Benefits of VPS

So, why choose VPS?

Flexibility of settings

The main advantage of VPS is that you get root access to the server, and you can manage it like your own computer. In fact, you get your copy of the system. You are not limited by anything other than the amount of processor and memory resources allocated to you. Shared hosting cannot give you such freedom of action. Features you will receive:

      • Ability to install and configure any software to fit your needs, including system;
      • Ability to delete and modify any files in the system;
      • Control of users and processes running on VPS;
      • VPS uses its own web, mail, database server, FTP server and provides SSH access;
      • Ability to scale the server, increase productivity resources if necessary.

High stability

Using shared hosting, you depend on the remaining customers of the company that provides this hosting. Any of them can undermine system performance and reliability. Incorrect operation of the application of one of the clients can lead to the collapse of the entire server. When using VPS, such situations are excluded because the virtual servers are isolated from each other. Virtualization software will protect your resources from the influence of "neighbors".


On shared hosting, all resources are shared, so the most popular websites will take more resources to ensure their work, which is why your website can slow down. In VPS, this problem is resolved. If you buy a certain amount of memory, it will be yours, regardless of how much other VPS consume on this server. You can even rent out the "extra" power to friends.

IP addresses

When using shared hosting in most cases, only one IP address is available to you. VPS uses its own IP address, routing rules, and ports. You can assign a dedicated IP for each of your websites.

Benefits of Backing Up

Using VPS makes it possible to back up server settings, files and the system. The time interval between backups can be different, usually two weeks, but you can find VPS with daily backups. Storage space is also needed.

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