About us

Are you looking for a reliable host for your VPS or a dedicated server? Or maybe you need to get SSL services?

Host World is the best option for any solution you might need. A quick look at our advantages will ensure you that you can hardly find a better option.

  • We provide top-quality services on all the continents. Our hardware is located in 17 countries. It means the highest level of availability independently of your location.
  • Our team guarantees constant technical support to make sure your business is constantly online. The response time is 10 minutes maximum. This is a record short time and, as the practice shows, if your problem is addressed within this time, it will reduce the losses maximally.
  • We provide multilingual support to guarantee our customers the utmost comfort and top-level efficiency.
  • 99,9% uptime is a guarantee that your business will be online constantly.

VSP solution prices vary depending on the server location. You can have a look at the options and select the one that suits you most. All of them are affordable.

Hence, here is what you get with us:

  • 24/7 access to all your projects: our servers work day and night.
  • No paper fuss, no agreement signing: just pay the subscription and use our services when you need them. If you don’t need our solution anymore, just stop paying for it. We don’t charge any cancellation fees and do not require any preliminary notification.
  • Prices are affordable: due to the fact that we work on our own equipment, we can afford to offer services at prices that are lower than those of our competitors.
  • Absence of data loss risks: no upgrades of our software or hardware can lead to any data loss in your dedicated server or a VPS. A reliable backup is a guarantee for it.
  • The most advanced equipment is a guarantee that the services are going to be of top quality. We are a young company founded by professionals. That’s why we understand the importance of the most advanced equipment. We apply only the best hardware and software solutions. That’s why we are confident in the top-quality of any of our offers.

If you are still not sure whether you need a VPS or a dedicated server solution, we invite you to contact our specialist to get professional advice. If you are hesitating which exactly VPS or dedicated server solution is more optimal for your business, our specialist will help you to make the best decision depending on your business features and needs.

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