How to get admin on a dedicated server?

You access your dedicated server with a username and a password. To some extent, it can be compared with a computer. And exactly as it is the case with a computer, an admin has access to all the configurations and data, can create users, provide access rights, change access levels, and so on. To set up yourself as an admin, do the following:

  • Start the server. Select an admin from the list of users. If you are just about to set up the server, the first user is an admin. The system will ask you to provide a password. You will use it later to log in to your dedicated server.
  • From the server screen, select the Start option. Move to Active Directory Users and Computers. From there, move to Properties (you can do it with the right-click on the server name).
  • Move to the Group Policy and edit configurations. Move to Computer Configurations, navigate to the tab Windows Settings. Then, go to Security Settings, and, finally, Local Policies. There, you can set up the user who will have the administrator rights. Add the new administrator in the Security tab. You can assign the role of an admin to not only one user but a group of users too. Administrator accounts are a must to manage the server and the workflow in general in a proper way.