How to connect to VPS?

You can log in to your root or administrator account. It provides you with more options to manage your Latvia VPS. If you login to your VPS from Windows, you do it via a remote desktop. For that, go to the Start in the Settings. There, you will see a search box. Type Remote Desktop Connection in it. Further, provide the VPS IP. This data is usually sent to your mail when you are getting a plan. Just find it in your mailbox. Then, indicate your user name and type in your password. Now, launch the remote desktop.

If you are logging into your Linux VPS, the procedure differs slightly. You need a special terminal to log in. Any terminal that can work with an SHH connection is fine. Run the terminal and provide your connection data. Indicate the hostname and the IP. Indicate the port (22 is on default) and the type of the connection (SHH is on default). Further, start the session by selecting the Open. Login to your server (root access; later, you might want to change it, for safety reasons). However, keep in mind that when you are providing your user name and password, you will not see any symbols or even your cursor. It is a common security measure taken by the terminal. After that, you will be connected to your VPS.

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