How to set up a dedicated server for email?

Setting up your dedicated server in Mexico as a mail server gives you a number of advantages and makes your partners trust you more. To configure your server as a mail server, follow the instruction.

Start with DNS records. There, you need to set up such important records as:

  • SPF, or Sender Policy Framework: it will allow you to create your own policy and setup authorized senders;
  • DKIM, or DomainKeys Identified Mail: it performs several functions. The first one is an electronic signature. Another function works only if the record is configured properly. It prevents the mail from being modified during the transit;
  • DMARC, or Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance: this record will determine how to handle emails that are sent not in accordance with SPF or DKIM. For example, it helps to detect and take the needed measures when spam or phishing emails are sent from your dedicated server without your knowledge.

These records ensure that your server processes all the mails correctly.

Further, you need to work with the server configurations. Log into your server via SHH. Change the name of your server from the one that was given automatically. Set up a new server name based on the IP address of your mail. It will ensure that emails that you sent from your company’s name don’t get into a spam folder of a recipient.

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