What does fully managed account mean on VPS?

It is a known fact that VPS is one of the most cost-effective web hosting solutions. Since the hardware is shared, it is significantly less expensive than paying for the entire dedicated server. It offers more privacy than the simpler shared hosting solution. VPS is the best tradeoff of the different web hosting modalities.

There are two VPS managing modalities, namely fully-managed and unmanaged. In a fully-managed VPS, the VPS provider handles all the technical issues behind the running of the server. This offers a great advantage, simplicity. This modality is very useful for customers that do not have the technical training to operate a server. You let everything in the hands of experts and do not worry about technical issues.

Leaving all the technical responsibility to the server provider has some benefits. The experts will keep your server running properly. They will update the software and hardware whenever necessary. Hence, there are no possibilities of a server crash.

Moreover, the security of your server is guaranteed. The technical experts will make regular backups and fix all the server vulnerabilities. Hence, the possibility of failure because of a virus or malware is minimized. Even a hacker attack is unlikely in this modality. And if it ever happened, the data can be restored quickly and nearly in its entirety.

What’s more, you get technical support around the clock. If you have any problem with your website, an expert will lend a helping hand.

Even though it all looks good, there are some disadvantages to this VPS modality. First of all, you have to pay more for a fully-managed VPS. That is somehow expected. You have to pay for the services of the technical expert(s). Moreover, you have little control over what software and hardware are installed. Of course, you can ask for any special software you need. But consider that in most cases it will take some additional time to get it on the server. This would not happen if you installed it yourself.