What is a dedicated server?

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a web server used by a sole user exclusively. A dedicated server in Brazil contains only the data of a particular user or a company. It also includes the necessary software for system management and connectivity. The physical location of the server is at the web hosting provider’s premises. This hosting solution offers some advantages over other modalities. It has its drawbacks too. Let us discuss it in more detail.

A dedicated server is much more expensive than shared hosting solutions including the virtual private server (VPS). But it can pay off in some cases. If your website will attract a very large number of visitors, then a dedicated server is the way to go. While a shared hosting solution could handle some surges of traffic, it may not give the best performance. Research suggests that most visitors will not wait longer than 2 seconds for a site to load.

However, high performance comes with a hefty price tag. Prices for the monthly rent of a dedicated server are around $100. Besides the cost, using a dedicated server in Colombia requires some technical skills from your side. Otherwise, the server could not be exploited to its full capabilities.

This applies to security. Since you will be in charge of securing your dedicated server, the security level can be high or lax. It all depends on your technical knowledge and personal choices.

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