What is a dedicated server in gaming?

What is a dedicated server in gaming?

A dedicated server in gaming is a server or a computer that is used to transmit the data among all the players. It can be a one or a cluster of servers. The advantages of a dedicated gaming server are manifold. It allows for superior customization of games and to play different versions thereof.

Moreover, a dedicated gaming server allows for the integration of multiple players worldwide into a single community. Gaming is no longer confined to your living room and your computer. Some games like Minecraft have been created to be hosted on a gaming server to be played by a large online group.

While you can use your computer as a gaming server, you are better off using the right equipment for that purpose. The server runs the game respecting the established rules and keeps a database of information about the ongoing action.

Having a dedicated gaming server makes the game available 24/7. There will be no problems with high volumes of traffic and the hardware will no overheat. Since the server is exclusive, the server resources are not shared. This results in very high performance.

Before choosing a hosting provider for your dedicated server, find out the technical requirements for the game of your interest. Then, you can check whether the provider can meet such requirements. Very fast processors and SSDs are a must.

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