What is normal hard disk temperature for a dedicated server?

What is normal hard disk temperature for a dedicated server?

It is common to pay special attention to CPU temperature or GPU temperature. But few people check the temperature of HDD (hard disk) temperature. This is not correct. This mistake is made mostly because threshold temperatures of a hard disk are much lower than those of CPU or GPU. However, if the temperature threshold is exceeded, it might cause serious malfunctions of the dedicated server.

If the hard disk overheats, it might lead to data loss, computer failure, data corruption, or even the failure of the hard disk itself.

If a processor or a graphic card fails, you still can replace them. However, if the hard disk fails, it leads to the loss of many important files. They cannot be recovered. That’s why the losses are connected not only with the hardware failure but with the loss of important information.

The safe temperature span of a hard disk is from 25 to 45 C. Having the temperature a little bit higher or lower still works. But it will decrease the service life of your hard disk. The most recent HDD models can work in the temperature range from 0 to 60 C. That’s why it is important to check the permissible temperature range to make sure your hard disk will work maximally long and at full power.

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