What is the advantage of a dedicated server?

What is the advantage of a dedicated server?

A dedicated server has many benefits if you compare it with any shared solution. First of all, you use all the resources of the server. The solution provides you with an exclusive use of CPU, RAM, bandwidth. You get all the functionality and performance capabilities.

You can manage the server as you need it. You can implement any functionality your business needs. Decide on your server configurations. Add, remove or install any standard or custom apps and services.

Scalability is at the top level. If you need more backup space, processing, or storage space, a dedicated server is your platform, you can do there whatever you need. Your website will never experience problems with loading speed. You get all the performance capabilities, you don’t share them with other users as it happens in the case with a VPS or a shared solution.

The top readability level is one of the main advantages of an exclusive solution. A good readability level means less downtime. So, additional resources are available even if the traffic peaks.

You have all the bandwidth which is crucial if you use videos for your front-end. Customer experience boosts, too, because your website is almost never down or slow. A dedicated server in India pays off very fast. You invest in your own solution and decide how to use it.

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