Dedicated server in Limassol

  • Intel Xeon E5-2630v3
    • Country: Cyprus
    • City: Limassol
    • CPU 8x 2.40GHz-3.20 GHz
    • RAM 32 GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD 2x500GB ssd
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 206/month
  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640v4
    • Country: Cyprus
    • City: Limassol
    • CPU 20c/ 40t/ 2.4-3.2 GHz
    • RAM 32 GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD 2x500GB ssd
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 279/month
  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v4
    • Country: Cyprus
    • City: Limassol
    • CPU 28x 2.40GHz-3.20 GHz
    • RAM 128 GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD 500GB ssd/ 2TB
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 427/month
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Price: Dedicated servers Cyprus
Item City Params Price
Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 Limassol 8x 2.40GHz-3.20 GHz /32 GB RAM DDR4/2x500GB ssd € 206/month
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640v4 Limassol 20c/ 40t/ 2.4-3.2 GHz/32 GB RAM DDR4/2x500GB ssd € 279/month
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v4 Limassol 28x 2.40GHz-3.20 GHz /128 GB RAM DDR4/500GB ssd/ 2TB € 427/month
Reviews: Dedicated servers Cyprus
Mace Windu, 03.05.2022 The top priority for me when choosing a server was adequate customer support. I have used several services before and let me tell you when a problem comes, it’s a rare thing that the support team will pay attention to the urgency of your matter. Nevertheless, I kept trying to find a nice service that would have operators ready 24/7 to assist. This one has proven to be effective. I can’t say there were a lot of issues, but before getting used to the specifics of the service, I had a lot of questions. All of them were answered quickly and fully.
Terry, 06.03.2023 At first, I was skeptical about the company because it is quite young. But their professionals and modern equipment convinced me that the company's age on the market is not an indicator of the quality of service provision.
Jamie, 23.12.2022 I liked how this provider works. The employees showed their professionalism and helped me figure everything out. For me, stability and stable speed are important. The price was one of the lowest, which also pleased me. In the end, I want to thank this provider for such nice work and support. I will continue to use it. I recommend it!
Brian, 23.07.2020 I knew the importance of a good dedicated server but never realized how much it would change things for my business. Sales went up which I am really happy about. There was one drawback though: limited storage space, and I am still trying to figure out how to manage it.
Loki, 12.06.2023 I have tried a few other hosts, but the Host World is still the best. Although the work of the sites with other hosts was almost the same, the Host World was the host that was able to solve little bugs and downtimes immediately. The technical support works, on the whole another level. They know what quality services mean.
Jim Belushi, 08.05.2022 I’ve started using the services of this provider recently and I’m satisfied with the services to the full extent. I haven’t faced any difficulties so far. The customer care is fast and effective here.

Limassol dedicated server is a more flexible, reliable, and powerful solution compared to shared hosting. It offers excellent security and development opportunities. One of the main advantages of a dedicated server over shared hosting is that users have full control over resources such as RAM, CPU, and hard drive space. A dedicated server also provides high performance since all resources are at the disposal of one user. This guarantees quick access to the website and minimal downtime.

The Role of Dedicated Servers in Boosting Online Business 

The importance of dedicated servers for online business development is beyond doubt. Especially if the company works with a large amount of data and requires high performance and increased security:

  • Data storage. Dedicated servers provide enormous data storage capabilities, so users can store and process large amounts of information. This is very important for companies working with large databases or providing data storage services to clients;
  • High performance. Dedicated server performance does not depend on other users. Companies run complex applications and processes without delays, ensuring efficient business management and increasing customer satisfaction;
  • Data security. The dedicated server in Limassol is a reliable solution for data protection. Users can install firewalls and take other security measures to protect business information from unauthorized access or cyberattacks;
  • Flexible settings. The company has complete control over the server configuration when using a dedicated server. This optimizes process performance. In addition, users easily add or remove resources as needed;
  • Scalability. Flexible scalability is also one of the benefits worth mentioning. As a company grows and expands its operations, it can easily add additional servers/resources to support business growth without negatively impacting productivity.

Thus, dedicated resources provide greater flexibility in server management, which is especially important for high-traffic sites.

Tips for Maintaining a Dedicated Server in Limassol

Follow the tips below and get the most out of our dedicated servers:

  1. Regularly update your operating system and all software to eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure security;
  2. Use complex and strong passwords for all accounts;
  3. Install and configure server monitoring software to be notified of any problems or failures;
  4. Make backup copies of server data and check its integrity so that, if necessary, you can easily restore information;
  5. Install anti-malware and network attack software;
  6. Develop a server management strategy, define access rights for different users, and ensure data security;
  7. Check the condition of server hardware (including hard drives, memory, and processor) to prevent failures or data loss due to hardware malfunctions;
  8. Set up a backup power system and ensure efficient server operation during a power outage;
  9. Maintain proper documentation of server configuration, settings, and procedures performed;
  10. Contact server maintenance and support specialists to ensure more reliable and efficient operation if necessary.


Dedicated servers provide higher levels of security, flexibility, and performance than other types of hosting or cloud services. Thanks to this, companies successfully interact with customers and adequately solve all the problems associated with business growth and development in the online environment. Try this solution and take your business to a whole new level!

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