Dedicated server in Stockholm

  • Intel Xeon E5-2630v3
    • Country: Sweden
    • City: Stockholm
    • CPU 8x 2.40GHz-3.20 GHz
    • RAM 32 GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD 500GB ssd
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 115/month
  • Intel Xeon E5-2630v4
    • Country: Sweden
    • City: Stockholm
    • CPU 10x 2.20GHz-3.10 GHz
    • RAM 32 GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD 500GB ssd
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 120/month
  • Dual Intel Intel Xeon E5-2630v3
    • Country: Sweden
    • City: Stockholm
    • CPU 16, 2.1-2.6 Ghz
    • RAM 32 GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD 500GB ssd
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 165/month
  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v4
    • Country: Sweden
    • City: Stockholm
    • CPU 28x 2.40GHz-3.20 GHz
    • RAM 32GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD 500GB ssd
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 258/month
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Price: Dedicated servers Stockholm
Item City Params Price
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680v4 Stockholm 28x 2.40GHz-3.20 GHz / 32GB RAM DDR4/500GB ssd € 258/month
Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 Stockholm 10x 2.20GHz-3.10 GHz /32 GB RAM DDR4/500GB ssd € 120/month
Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 Stockholm 8x 2.40GHz-3.20 GHz /32 GB RAM DDR4/500GB ssd € 115/month
Dual Intel Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 Stockholm 16, 2.1-2.6 Ghz/32 GB RAM DDR4/500GB ssd € 165/month
Reviews: Dedicated servers Stockholm
Coleman Trebor, 21.05.2022 I recommend this provider to everyone who wants to save money and to get high-quality VPS services.
LordLoki, 27.06.2020 I wanted to move my business from shared hosting to a dedicated server for a long time since I was getting really tired of constantly having to deal with tons of bugs and lags, so I have chosen this dedicated server provider. Wasn’t sure about it at first, but turned out pretty good for business since I didn’t have to go through a lot of stuff every day in order to keep the server going without trouble.
Tim, 06.12.2022 The VPS is secure and reliable and has good protection. It has many useful features and a high speed, which makes it attractive.
Герман, 27.04.2020 саппорт на высоте. рекомендую для покупки!
Crystal, 04.01.2023 I have used this provider for six months. Everything suits me in it. The speed is stable and quite fast. There have never been any failures during all the time. The employees answer the questions in the shortest possible time. They are polite and tell everything in detail and competently.
Doom, 08.11.2020 I’m a blogger and can’t spend much money on the hosting for my blog. Here I found a good VPS at the right price. So far, so good!

Dedicated server Stockholm is a server located in the capital of Sweden and has been set up for one specific client. Therefore, it is not shared with other clients and is used exclusively for that client. This means that the server has more power than a regular server and can handle more tasks at once.

The following factors should be considered when buying a dedicated server:

  • the level of safety
  • the type of operating system it will use
  • the amount of storage space required
  • how much RAM it has
  • how much electricity it will use
  • the number of cores available
  • what kind of processors are in the machine
  • what kind of support the company has

Dedicated servers are a type of computer that is designed to run specific applications. They are generally more powerful than other computers and can be used for running virtualization software, web hosting, and data centers.

Stockholm Dedicated Server: Enjoy the Perks that We Offer

Sweden is one of the best countries in Europe regarding infrastructure. Sweden has a highly developed digital economy, making it one of the world’s most wired countries. The country has become so connected because its data centers are strategically located and have easy access to great connectivity options such as fiber optic cables and 4G/5G networks.

The Swedish government provides generous tax breaks for companies who invest in their data centers, which makes them more competitive than those found elsewhere. These tax breaks also make investing in Sweden more attractive than in other places where no such incentives are available, making Sweden a desirable location for companies looking to set up shop or expand their existing operations.

The benefits of purchasing a dedicated server in Sweden are many.

  • For one, they are designed with your company's needs in mind.
  • They also come with a huge range of features and options that most other hosting providers don't offer.
  • You can choose any operating system you want.
  • These servers are very easy to set up and scale.
  • Fast support will answer your questions day and night.

Stockholm dedicated server hosting is a great option for companies that need to host their websites, apps, and other digital assets on servers.

Dedicated Server in Stockholm: Safe, Scalable, Any Operating System You Need

The dedicated server in Stockholm, Sweden, is well known as one of the best places to host your website or application.

When it comes to choosing a server, you have plenty of options. But when it comes to selecting the best for your needs, picking out what features matter can be time-consuming.

More importantly, let's face it: It's easy to get overwhelmed and not understand all this means. From what OS you want to run on the server to how much RAM you want or how many cores your processor has, a lot of information might not be clear unless you're a tech pro. And even then, you might still not know exactly which features will work best in your situation.

If you're looking for something simple and straightforward to meet your needs, then a dedicated server is the way to go!

The term dedicated server refers to a physical machine dedicated to a single website. On the other hand, a shared hosting plan refers to a virtual machine shared by multiple websites.

There are many factors to consider when choosing what type of server you want for your website. These include the bandwidth and storage you need, the traffic you expect your website to receive, and the type of software you want your website to run on.

Buy a Fast and Cheap Dedicated Server in Stockholm at a Very Reasonable Price!

When you choose the best price for your dedication plan on one site, you will be able to enjoy a higher-quality service. You will also get a dedicated server and guaranteed uptime.

You should consider this provider if you are looking for a place to host your website or run your business. They offer great service and support and are highly recommended by experts.

Stockholm is a beautiful city in Sweden with a lot of things to offer. One of them is cheap dedicated servers. The good thing about Stockholm is its abundance of cheap dedicated servers for rent.

The cheapest dedicated server in the world can be found in Stockholm or Sweden. This is because the city has a lot of companies that rent out their servers for a very low cost.

Purchase a cheap dedicated server in Stockholm now!

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