Dedicated server in France

  • Intel Xeon E-2286G
    • Country: France
    • City: Strasbourg
    • CPU Cores: 6x 4.00 GHz (Single 6 Core)
    • RAM 32 GB RAM DDR3
    • HDD HDDs: 2 x 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit unmetered dedicated (Flatrate)
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 99/month
  • Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4
    • Country: France
    • City: Strasbourg
    • CPU 10x 2.20 GHz (Single 10 Core)
    • RAM 32 GB DDR4 ECC
    • HDD 2x 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM
    • BANDWIDTH 100 mbit
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 119/month
  • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4
    • Country: France
    • City: Strasbourg
    • CPU 2x 2.2 x 3.10 GHz (Single Quad Core)
    • RAM 64 GB DDR4 ECC
    • HDD 2x 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM HW Raid
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit unmetered dedicated (Flatrate)
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 139/month
  • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2680 v4
    • Country: France
    • City: Strasbourg
    • CPU 2x 14x 2.40 GHz (Dual 14 Core)
    • RAM 64 GB DDR4 ECC
    • HDD 2x 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM HW Raid
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit unmetered dedicated (Flatrate)
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 199/month
  • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2695 v2
    • Country: France
    • City: Strasbourg
    • CPU 2x 12x 2.40 GHz (Dual 12 Core)
    • RAM 64 GB DDR4 ECC
    • HDD 4 x 2TB SATA 7.2k RPM HW Raid
    • BANDWIDTH 100 Mbit unmetered dedicated (Flatrate)
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 249/month
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Price: Dedicated servers France
Item City Params Price
2x Intel Xeon E5-2695 v2 Strasbourg 2x 12x 2.40 GHz (Dual 12 Core)/64 GB DDR4 ECC/4 x 2TB SATA 7.2k RPM HW Raid € 249/month
2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4 Strasbourg 2x 2.2 x 3.10 GHz (Single Quad Core)/64 GB DDR4 ECC/2x 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM HW Raid € 139/month
Intel Xeon E-2286G Strasbourg Cores: 6x 4.00 GHz (Single 6 Core)/32 GB RAM DDR3 /HDDs: 2 x 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM € 99/month
2x Intel Xeon E5-2680 v4 Strasbourg 2x 14x 2.40 GHz (Dual 14 Core)/64 GB DDR4 ECC/2x 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM HW Raid € 199/month
Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4 Strasbourg 10x 2.20 GHz (Single 10 Core)/32 GB DDR4 ECC/2x 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM € 119/month
Reviews: Dedicated servers France
McKenzie, 16.12.2022 We also have a positive experience with this provider. We have been cooperating with it for over 3 years, and we will not change anything. For us, as for most customers, the main thing is reliable work and acceptable speed. In this regard, everything is fine, without significant problems. Before that, we worked with several similar companies so that we could compare. In general, everything is fine. There are no unexpected failures. Support is always in touch so that we will work further.
JimiHendrix, 24.03.2021 My company has had some financial problems due to many adverse international events. So, the IT manager decided to move our site to an offshore dedicated server. I was hesitant about this option. The main reason was to economize money, but I was not sure the quality of service would remain the same. But after several months of working with an offshore dedicated server, I am convinced it was the best decision. This provider ensures we get the best service and support. We haven’t had any problem with the hosting and our company has saved a lot of money. Thank you for the great service!
Warren Shaw, 21.11.2022 Host-World offers a virtual server with an easy interface and fast work. It is a cheap VPS that you will find a lot of help with.
Dirk, 06.02.2022 I opened an online store several years ago. My business has grown (fortunately) and I was advised to move the website to a dedicated server (I had been using a VPS). I was unsure about this move. I knew that a dedicated server would cost much more. But after discussing the issue with an e-commerce consultant, I decided to make the move. I contacted this provider to inquire about different options for a dedicated server. I was given several options at different prices so I could choose the best for my budget. The dedicated server I got from this provider is good and inexpensive. I am very satis ...
Doom, 08.11.2020 I’m a blogger and can’t spend much money on the hosting for my blog. Here I found a good VPS at the right price. So far, so good!
Jim, 06.08.2020 This is the best VPS provider I have ever encountered! I was really worried that it would not work out with my business and I would have to find a new provider, but everything turned out pretty well.

Did you know that a dedicated server France offers is a popular choice among businesses? Let me tell you more about it in simple terms.

First, let's define what a dedicated server is. It's a computer that's reserved solely for one user or organization. This means that the user has full control over the server and can customize it to their specific needs.

Now, let's talk about why businesses prefer dedicated servers in France.

  • One reason is that France has strict data protection laws. It means that businesses can be confident that their data is secure.
  • Also, France has a reliable infrastructure with high-speed internet. So you can expect fast and reliable service.
  • Another benefit of using a dedicated server in France is that it can help businesses reach a wider audience. France is strategically located in Europe, making it a great location for businesses. It can be great if you want to expand your customer base in Europe and beyond.

A dedicated server can be an excellent business hosting solution for companies in France. You may want to rent it if you are looking for reliable performance at an affordable price.

France Dedicated Server is Safe, Reliable, And Really Fast

France dedicated servers offer you an affordable, reliable and secure web hosting solution. It gives you ultimate control over your website. You can easily customize it to meet your exact needs.

Businesses love what France dedicated servers can do. And here’s why.

  • France dedicated servers are super reliable. It means they won't have any downtime. It’s a big relief for businesses that rely on their online presence to make money.
  • They're safe and secure. France has some of the strictest data protection laws in the world. It means that your data will be protected from hackers and other online threats. That's really important, especially if you're handling sensitive information. For example, customer data or financial records.
  • And last but not least, France dedicated servers are really fast! It means your website or online service will load quickly. This is important because people don't like waiting around for things to load. Plus, a fast server can improve your website's search engine ranking. It can help more people find your website.

Furthermore, a France-based hosting provider can offer you access to higher bandwidths. You can also enjoy increased storage capacity and better security features. They are definitely better than shared hosting solutions.

A Dedicated Server in France is Easy to Use and Scale

Setting up a dedicated server in this country offers a number of benefits for businesses. From improved performance and security to cost savings. The advantages of having dedicated servers in France are numerous.

When you get a dedicated server, you have full control over it. That means you can customize it to your specific needs and preferences. And don't worry if you're not a tech expert. Many dedicated server providers offer user-friendly interfaces. It makes it easy to manage your server.

Now, let's talk about scaling. As your business grows, you may need more server resources to keep up with demand, right?

With dedicated server hosting in France, scaling is easy. You can add more resources like RAM, storage, and processing power to your server as needed. And since you're the only user on the server, you don't have to worry about other users using up your resources.

Buy Cheap Dedicated Server in France and Enjoy Top-Notch Quality

What about the price? Hosting your dedicated server in Paris or France can be cheaper than you think. The reasonable prices may wow you. It makes dedicated servers in France an attractive option for businesses. Many businesses agree that the cost of hosting dedicated servers in France is relatively low. However, you need to know which provider to choose.

If you make the right choice, you’ll benefit from the top-notch quality and reliable service at reasonable prices. If you want to save, you may also want to check Strasbourg dedicated server options.

With numerous European data centers located in France, you can easily access your data from anywhere in Europe.

Whether you are looking for cheap dedicated servers or reliable hosting solutions, hosting your server in France can be a great choice.

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