Dedicated server in Japan

  • Intel Xeon E3-1231v3
    • Country: Japan
    • City: Tokyo
    • CPU 4 c / 8 t - 3.4 GHz / 3.8 GHz
    • RAM 16 GB
    • HDD 500 GB SSD
    • BANDWIDTH 100Mbps Unmetered
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 135/month
  • DUAL Intel Xeon 2nd Gen Scalable Silver 4210R
    • Country: Japan
    • City: Tokyo
    • CPU 20 c / 40 t - 2.4 GHz / 3.2 GHz
    • RAM 128 GB MEMORY
    • HDD 2 TB SSD
    • BANDWIDTH 100Mbps Unmetered
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 560/month
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Price: Dedicated servers Japan
Item City Params Price
DUAL Intel Xeon 2nd Gen Scalable Silver 4210R Tokyo 20 c / 40 t - 2.4 GHz / 3.2 GHz/128 GB MEMORY/2 TB SSD € 560/month
Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 Tokyo 4 c / 8 t - 3.4 GHz / 3.8 GHz/16 GB/500 GB SSD € 135/month
Reviews: Dedicated servers Japan
Willard, 08.12.2022 This provider completely fits my needs. There are several databases on it. The server speed is excellent. There was still no such thing that something was loaded badly. Once there was a problem, but competent technical support quickly solved my issue. The servers work stably during the entire period of cooperation. Also, the prices are quite affordable. So, I can recommend this provider to everyone!
LordLoki, 27.06.2020 I wanted to move my business from shared hosting to a dedicated server for a long time since I was getting really tired of constantly having to deal with tons of bugs and lags, so I have chosen this dedicated server provider. Wasn’t sure about it at first, but turned out pretty good for business since I didn’t have to go through a lot of stuff every day in order to keep the server going without trouble.
Felix, 16.01.2022 When I noticed that the website of my company was experiencing severe delays to load, I decided to change the server provider. Here I found a reliable and robust dedicated server. Bandwidth, RAM, HDD space, etc. are more than enough to keep the website running fast. The customer support has been exceptional. They have given all the necessary advice to optimize our website performance.
Alan, 22.02.2023 If you, like me, doubted which VPS or dedicated server would be the best solution for your business, don't worry. I did not receive more professional consultations on this issue anywhere else. I was impressed by the speed and quality of the service.
Mace Windu, 03.05.2022 The top priority for me when choosing a server was adequate customer support. I have used several services before and let me tell you when a problem comes, it’s a rare thing that the support team will pay attention to the urgency of your matter. Nevertheless, I kept trying to find a nice service that would have operators ready 24/7 to assist. This one has proven to be effective. I can’t say there were a lot of issues, but before getting used to the specifics of the service, I had a lot of questions. All of them were answered quickly and fully.
Lora, 24.09.2020 Good. Works fine for me. Not really expensive even though there are cheaper options on the market. I think it is still worth its price. Would recommend this VPS provider to anyone who has a small or medium business.

In Japan, the internet is not as fast as in other countries. This is due to the country's geographical location and the fact that it has a lot of people. Therefore, the demand for a dedicated server Japan faces is higher than in other countries because of this.

The 5 reasons why you would need dedicated server hosting in Japan are:

  • A dedicated server has a more powerful CPU and more RAM than a shared server.
  • A dedicated server can be installed with any software you want, so it can be customized to your needs.
  • Dedicated servers are not subject to downtime, unlike shared servers which will have periods where they are down for maintenance or updates.
  • Dedicated servers provide better security than shared servers because they are not open to all users like a shared server.
  • Dedicated servers offer better performance because there is no resource competition between many users on the same machine.

The Benefits of Japan Dedicated Server: You’ll Love It!

Japan dedicated server hosting is a web hosting service that provides its customers with servers located in Japan.

Japan Dedicated Server Hosting has many benefits. One of them is the fact that it has the fastest internet speeds out of all types of web hosting services. Another benefit is that it provides its customers with a high level of security and stability.

Dedicated server hosting is a great option for those who want to host their own website. It offers faster speeds and dedicated resources only used by a single site. This means there is no competition for resources with other websites hosted on the same server, which in turn means better performance for your site.

The following are some of the benefits of using low-cost dedicated server hosting services:

  • Provides high performance for heavy-traffic sites
  • Good for enterprise-level businesses
  • Up to 99% uptime
  • Offers full control over the operating system and applications
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Dedicated servers are servers that are used for hosting a website or application. They are usually rented from a hosting company.

A Dedicated Server in Japan is Customizable and Scalable

Dedicated servers are one of the most reliable hosting options. They are also more expensive than shared servers but offer greater performance and reliability.

Dedicated servers are much better for hosting large websites or applications that require a lot of resources. They can also be used to host an application or software that requires a high level of security.

Choosing a dedicated server in Japan is beneficial because it offers better performance, reliability, and security.

Dedicated servers are a cost-effective solution for businesses that require a lot of bandwidth and processing power.

A dedicated server is a powerful computer system that has been rented to a company or individual as opposed to shared with other customers. It is often used in the context of web hosting, where the customer rents the machine from an internet service provider and installs their own software on it.

These servers are usually more expensive than shared hosting, but they offer better performance and reliability because they are not sharing resources with other customers.

Buy or Rent Quality Cheap Dedicated Server in Japan at a Reasonable Price

Gaming companies and websites often use dedicated servers that need a lot of bandwidth.

Dedicated servers are expensive, which is why many people choose cloud hosting. But there are some things to keep in mind before you make your final decision.

Dedicated servers are usually more expensive than shared hosting. Hosting providers offer dedicated server hosting at various prices and with different features. The key to finding the right one is understanding what you need, what you can afford, and what your future needs might be.

For people with a limited budget but still need a lot of power from their servers, the best option is to find a low-cost dedicated server hosting service with high-quality web hosting services. We have plenty of locations to choose from. The cost is reasonable. For example, if you need high-quality dedicated servers in Asia, we can recommend servers in Hong Kong.

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