Dedicated server in Naaldwijk

  • Intel Xeon E3-1246v3
    • Country: Netherlands
    • City: Naaldwijk
    • CPU 4x 3.50 GHz
    • RAM 16 GB RAM DDR3
    • HDD 1x 2TB SATA 7.2k RPM
    • BANDWIDTH 1Gbit/s - 50TB
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 75/month
  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v6
    • Country: Netherlands
    • City: Naaldwijk
    • CPU 4x 3.50 GHz (Single Quad Core)
    • RAM 32 GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD 1x 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM
    • BANDWIDTH 1Gbit/s - 50TB
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 99/month
  • Intel Xeon E3-1240v5
    • Country: Netherlands
    • City: Naaldwijk
    • CPU 4x 3.50 GHz
    • RAM 32 GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD 1x 250GB SSD 1x 2TB HDD SATA III 7200rpm Boot from: 1x 250GB SSD
    • BANDWIDTH 1Gbit/s - 50TB
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 101/month
  • Intel Xeon E-2336
    • Country: Netherlands
    • City: Naaldwijk
    • CPU Cores: 6x 2.90 GHz
    • RAM 32 GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD 2x 240GB Enterprise SSD | Software RAID-1
    • BANDWIDTH 1Gbit/s - 100TB
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 129/month
  • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2620v4
    • Country: Netherlands
    • City: Naaldwijk
    • CPU 16 x 2.10 GHz
    • HDD 1x 500GB SSD
    • BANDWIDTH 1Gbit/s - 100TB
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 177/month
  • AMD EPYC 7402P
    • Country: Netherlands
    • City: Naaldwijk
    • CPU 24 x 2.80 GHz
    • RAM 64 GB RAM DDR4
    • HDD HDDs: 2 x 500 SSD
    • BANDWIDTH 1Gbit/s - 100TB
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 240/month
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Price: Dedicated servers Naaldwijk
Item City Params Price
Intel Xeon E3-1246v3 Naaldwijk 4x 3.50 GHz /16 GB RAM DDR3/1x 2TB SATA 7.2k RPM € 75/month
Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 Naaldwijk 4x 3.50 GHz (Single Quad Core)/32 GB RAM DDR4/1x 1TB SATA 7.2k RPM € 99/month
AMD EPYC 7402P Naaldwijk 24 x 2.80 GHz /64 GB RAM DDR4/HDDs: 2 x 500 SSD € 240/month
2x Intel Xeon E5-2620v4 Naaldwijk 16 x 2.10 GHz /96GB REG ECC DDR4 RAM/1x 500GB SSD € 177/month
Intel Xeon E-2336 Naaldwijk Cores: 6x 2.90 GHz /32 GB RAM DDR4/2x 240GB Enterprise SSD | Software RAID-1 € 129/month
Intel Xeon E3-1240v5 Naaldwijk 4x 3.50 GHz /32 GB RAM DDR4/1x 250GB SSD 1x 2TB HDD SATA III 7200rpm Boot from: 1x 250GB SSD € 101/month
Reviews: Dedicated servers Naaldwijk
ProtonMail, 04.04.2021 I can say that I have tried many similar services and this one has the best price-quality ratio. I have many websites and I haven’t faced any serious issues thanks to effective customer support. The main distinctive features of this provider: fair prices without hidden fees, instant customer care, and reliability.
Milli, 24.10.2020 One of my clients asked me to look for a cheaper dedicated server for his website. I told him that a cheaper server would likely compromise uptime and speed. However, he insisted on finding a cheaper solution anyway. I listlessly started to look for less expensive alternatives. I was surprised to find an excellent dedicated server here at a lower price for my client. No compromise of any kind. Uptime and bandwidth are much better than my client had before. I am recommending my other clients to use this provider. You get very good service here at an excellent price. It can’t get any better!
Josh, 07.10.2020 I had a limited budget for my website. I found several good VPS options within my budget. Good service with VPS solutions for all budgets. Recommended!
Warren Shaw, 21.11.2022 Host-World offers a virtual server with an easy interface and fast work. It is a cheap VPS that you will find a lot of help with.
Peter Dixon, 27.12.2022 I have worked with this provider for almost half a year and have never regretted choosing it. So, I can recommend it to my colleagues.
Hopkins, 20.02.2023 Host World is a service that lets you be calm when using it. Data loss is a huge problem for me. I faced it once before, but I’ll never forget how difficult it was to restore it. My friend recommended I use Host World, and there was no day I regretted this decision. Everything is outstanding here: stable work, the absence of any risks, affordable prices, and a high range of servers available. If you’re looking for cost-effective solutions for your website, you must pay attention to Host World.

When selecting a dedicated server in Naaldwijk, you need to choose high-quality solutions. You have specific requirements. We got it. Our servers are of top quality, so they are always reliable and safe and can meet your needs.

With our Naaldwijk dedicated servers, you get complete control over your resources. You can customize your server configuration to your exact specifications. As a bonus, our 24/7 support team is also accessible for our dedicated servers.

Don't lower your expectations for anyone or anything. Choose our high-quality dedicated server solutions in Naaldwijk. Opt for the utmost performance, security, and reliability.

Amazing Benefits of Naaldwijk Dedicated Server That You Can’t Miss!

Are you trying to find cheap and dependable Naaldwijk dedicated servers? Well, the advantages of our Naaldwijk dedicated hosting are second to none. They will perfectly suit your company's requirements.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of our dedicated servers in Naaldwijk :

  • Instant setup: No more waiting days to get your server up and running. Our Naaldwijk dedicated server has an instant setup, so you can start using it immediately.
  • 99% uptime: We understand the importance of keeping your website or application online. That's why we offer a 99% uptime guarantee to ensure your server is always available when needed.
  • Advanced security: Your data is safe with us. Our Naaldwijk dedicated servers come with advanced security features. For example, firewalls and DDoS protection. They keep your data secure from cyber threats.
  • Fair cost: We believe in providing affordable and reasonable pricing to our customers. Our Naaldwijk dedicated hosting server offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Choose our Naaldwijk dedicated servers for a hassle-free, reliable, and secure hosting solution.

The Dedicated Server in Naaldwijk is 100% Customizable and Scalable

Naaldwijk's dedicated servers offer complete customization, scalability, and various operating system options. Our dedicated servers give your business power and flexibility. Select from multiple operating systems to meet your needs. You’ll get 24/7 monitoring and assistance.

With scalable options, you can easily add resources as your needs grow. Forget about the hassle of having to migrate to a new server. In addition, you can choose the best platform for your requirements. We have several OS alternatives, such as Windows and Linux.

Plus, our Naaldwijk data centers are equipped with the latest technology. This way, we ensure the highest level of performance and reliability. And our expert support team is always there to help.

Choose our dedicated servers in Naaldwijk for the ultimate in customization, scalability, and flexibility.


Rent a Top-Notch Cheap Dedicated Server in Naaldwijk at a Fair Price

Discover the power of a cheap, top-notch dedicated server in Naaldwijk or Amsterdam. We offer fair pricing. We provide high-end, configurable, and scalable servers. Additionally, there are several OS choices, so you may select one that works well for your company.

Our servers are quick and trustworthy and won't break the bank. With our affordable dedicated servers, you’ll get high quality for your money.

Naaldwijk's dedicated servers can help your business reach new heights. You won't miss the old servers after you experience our top-notch solutions. You’ll love our excellent support staff. Buy now and see the difference for yourself.

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