Monero VPS

  • KVM VPS 8 GB
    • Country: Moldova
    • City: Chisinau
    • CPU 4 x Xeon Core
    • RAM 8 GB
    • HDD 80GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 26/month
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  • What does RAM mean on VPS?
    RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a space used by your server for computing operations. RAM influences directly on the VPS functionality.
  • How much money does a dedicated server cost?
    The price of a dedicated server depends on the functionality you want to have, the resources required, and its reliability. Normally, its price might vary from around 30-50 USD per month to several hundred USD per month.
  • What is bandwidth in VPS?
    Bandwidth means the data volume that you can transfer within your plan. Here, both downloads and uploads are included.
  • What is a dedicated server?
    A dedicated server is a server used by a user solely. A dedicated server contains only the data of a particular user or a company.
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  • How to secure a VPS? How to secure a VPS?
    There are many ways to make your VPS as secure as possible. You might want to apply only the most important measures, and it might work
  • What does fully managed account mean on VPS? What does fully managed account mean on VPS?
    It is a known fact that VPS is one of the most cost-effective web hosting solutions. Since the hardware is shared, it is significantly less expensive than paying for the entire dedicated server
  • What is a fully managed dedicated server? What is a fully managed dedicated server?
    We speak about a fully managed dedicated server if the service provider manages all the technical processes behind the server running
  • What is the best Linux for VPS? What is the best Linux for VPS?
    If you have decided to use Linux for your VPS, then you have several good options at your disposal. All these operating systems have their pros and cons

The interest in Cryptocurrencies has grown as they become more accepted as valid payment. This is the case of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero. The latter has attracted many investors owing to the privacy it offers. Account balances and payments are not disclosed, which helps to maintain privacy.

Special considerations must be taken into account for a Monero VPS or a similar server hosting a cryptocurrency exchange. Just like a Bitcoin Cash VPS, a Monero VPS must guarantee the security and confidentiality of all the data. This is possible with a VPS server. Let us review some of the characteristics that a Monero VPS must have:

  • Security. From a qualitative perspective, security is a top priority for a Monero VPS. This applies to practically any exchange dealing on cryptocurrencies;
  • Bandwidth. While traffic surges can be expected, a bandwidth of 1 Gbps is adequate for most cases. It will handle traffic surges properly, without slowing down the site operation;
  • RAM. This depends very much on the type of application that the Monero VPS will run. For the best performance, RAM should be between 1 to 8 GB;
  • Storage capacity on HDD. Similarly, the storage capacity is determined by the amount of information the website needs to keep. Typical values of storage capacity range from 10 to 80 GB.

With this information, you can decide what Monero VPS option is more suitable for your needs. We offer different alternatives to choose from. For instance, a KVM VPS 1 GB located in Riga, Latvia provides the basic requirements at an attractive rental cost. A mere 10 Euros a month, this option fits practically any budget. For more demanding sites, possibilities such as a KVM VPS 8 GB located in Chisinau, Moldova are more suitable.

Other Monero VPS Options

When you select a Monero VPS for your exchange site, you must pay attention to the location too. Different locations may offer VPS alternatives with practically the same technical characteristics. However, you may notice that in some cases prices differ. You can save some money by choosing smartly the location of your VPS.

For those looking for a dedicated web hosting solution, we have different options. For example, a Dedicated Server in Australia can be a solution for very busy exchange sites. However, dedicated servers are generally much more expensive. This solution suits larger companies.

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