VPS in Oceania

    • Country: Australia
    • City: Sydney
    • CPU 2 x Epyc Core
    • RAM 2 GB
    • HDD NVMe : 30GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps port
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 10/month
    • Country: Australia
    • City: Sydney
    • CPU 4 x Epyc Core
    • RAM 8 GB
    • HDD NVMe : 80GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps port
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 40/month
  • KVM NVMe VPS 16 GB
    • Country: Australia
    • City: Sydney
    • CPU 8 x Epyc Core
    • RAM 16 GB
    • HDD NVMe : 150GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps port
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 70/month
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Price: VPS servers Oceania
Item City Params Price
KVM NVMe VPS 2 GB Sydney 2 x Epyc Core/2 GB/NVMe : 30GB € 10/month
KVM NVMe VPS 8 GB Sydney 4 x Epyc Core/8 GB/NVMe : 80GB € 40/month
KVM NVMe VPS 16 GB Sydney 8 x Epyc Core/16 GB/NVMe : 150GB € 70/month
Reviews: VPS servers Oceania
Karl, 19.12.2022 Here I liked the speed of the servers and a good configurator. I turned to the support service. The guys quickly answered my questions. In short, I can recommend this provider to my friends and colleagues. There are no complaints.
Carl Warner, 10.01.2023 Host World is your top choice if you need a fast-speed server that is easy to use. I can’t even count how many VPS providers I’ve tried in my life, and this is the only one I liked.
George, 16.06.2023 Host World host proves his reliability every day. I get constant consultation when I needed. Besides the explanations, the technical support always helped me with the problems. Managing the site with lots of clients is not easy, but with the Host World, I feel support.
Mike, 21.11.2021 Where else will you find VPS services that start from 9 Euro? I think it’s a cheap price for such services today. Their team of experts will come to the rescue 24/7. I haven’t had any problems with the hosting services so far. Now, my business is online and is becoming more and more successful thanks to the use of high-quality hosting services.
Williams, 12.01.2023 Host World gives me hosting for my website. It’s rather simple and works well, but I know that this VPS provider can help to maintain even the complicated projects regardless of their location and niche. All problems with the VPS server I faced were quickly solved by customer support. Managers are working 24/7 to be able to help us, and it’s amazing.
Coleman Trebor, 21.05.2022 I recommend this provider to everyone who wants to save money and to get high-quality VPS services.

VPS in Oceania: Upgrade Your Hosting Experience with Our Top Performing Servers!

Oceania has diverse cultures and a booming economy. This is because it's been influenced by Europe and Asia. Its economies are strong and compete globally. 

Organizations like yours need a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for better website reach as the world becomes more digital. 

With a VPS, you manage and configure your site in a secure virtual space. It's like a private room for your digital things. As we’ve seen so far, dedicated hosting costs are increasing, so virtual private servers (VPS) are a cheaper choice, keeping things simple and affordable for your online needs. Luckily, our Oceania VPS Server brings you an attractive deal. And here’s why.

What Makes Our Oceania VPS Server Stand Out?

Wondering why our Oceania VPS rocks?

  • Blazing speed? Absolutely.
  • Pocket-friendly plans? You bet. 
  • 99.9% uptime? You got it.
  • Always-there support? Without a doubt. We’re ever-ready 24/7!

That’s not even the end of it. High-level data protection, plans tailored to you, and hassle-free set-ups are all part of the deal we’ve got especially for you.

To gain the maximum benefits from your Virtual Private Server, you and your organization should deploy one that stands out from its competitors.

Throughout our 17-country footprint, we are proud of our access to the most up-to-date server hardware. Our company only uses the latest hardware from the industry’s most reputable global providers. Our goal is not just to provide top-notch service but also to provide outstanding performance.

Rest easy with 100% secure VPS. Your data stays safe with our latest security measures. We guarantee an unparalleled level of security for our Virtual Private Servers. 

Get fast performance with our Oceania VPS for quick websites and apps—no more slow loading. Manage your virtual space easily with our user-friendly setup. It's hassle-free and simple. Choose us for straightforward and reliable hosting.

Tap into Our Safe and Easily Customizable Oceania VPS Servers

You may be thinking, “Well, is it really worth it for my unique business needs?” or “Can I trust them?”. We hear you loud and clear. You want real solutions for your business. And yes, we're not just sweet-talking. We mean it and deliver it. 

Boost your online game with our Oceania VPS! No bandwidth worries. You can configure it the way you want. Need more power? Need more resources? No problem. It's easy when scalability is literally at your fingertips. Scale down or up these parameters to match your business growth and budget. 

Take charge with full root access. Customize your virtual space effortlessly to fit your needs. Your data is secure with automated backups. It's all ready for a quick restore anytime.

We get it—affordability matters. Our VPS servers in Oceania give you cost-effective plans with no hidden fees. We have plain and simple pricing.

Count on us for reliability, flexibility, and value. Your all-in-one solution for a thriving online presence is here!


Streamline Your Business with High-Quality VPS at Affordable Prices!

This is where our offer gets excellent. Priced right for our valuable customers, we have the best price in the industry. You’ll find our prices to be pocket-friendly for all the plans that we have.

Now is the time to take advantage of our low prices and premium quality of VPS in Oceania at Host World! Order now! 

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