VPS in Italy

    • Country: Italy
    • City: Roma
    • CPU 2 x Xeon Core
    • RAM 2 GB
    • HDD 30GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 9/month
    • Country: Italy
    • City: Roma
    • CPU 2 x Xeon Core
    • RAM 4 GB
    • HDD 50GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 14/month
    • Country: Italy
    • City: Roma
    • CPU 4 x Xeon Core
    • RAM 8 GB
    • HDD 80GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 26/month
  • KVM NVMe VPS 12 GB
    • Country: Italy
    • City: Roma
    • CPU 6 x Xeon Core
    • RAM 12 GB
    • HDD 140GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 52/month
  • KVM NVMe VPS 16 GB
    • Country: Italy
    • City: Roma
    • CPU 8 x Xeon Core
    • RAM 16 GB
    • HDD 200GB
    • BANDWIDTH 1 Gbps
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    € 88/month
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Price: VPS servers Italy
Item City Params Price
KVM NVMe VPS 2 GB Roma 2 x Xeon Core/2 GB/30GB € 9/month
KVM NVMe VPS 4 GB Roma 2 x Xeon Core/4 GB/50GB € 14/month
KVM NVMe VPS 12 GB Roma 6 x Xeon Core/12 GB/140GB € 52/month
KVM NVMe VPS 8 GB Roma 4 x Xeon Core/8 GB/80GB € 26/month
KVM NVMe VPS 16 GB Roma 8 x Xeon Core/16 GB/200GB € 88/month
Reviews: VPS servers Italy
Mace Windu, 03.05.2022 The top priority for me when choosing a server was adequate customer support. I have used several services before and let me tell you when a problem comes, it’s a rare thing that the support team will pay attention to the urgency of your matter. Nevertheless, I kept trying to find a nice service that would have operators ready 24/7 to assist. This one has proven to be effective. I can’t say there were a lot of issues, but before getting used to the specifics of the service, I had a lot of questions. All of them were answered quickly and fully.
Stefan, 25.06.2023 I recommend only this service to my friends, acquaintances, and business partners because they, like me, will appreciate the fact that you can pay for the subscription online at any time.
Terry, 06.03.2023 At first, I was skeptical about the company because it is quite young. But their professionals and modern equipment convinced me that the company's age on the market is not an indicator of the quality of service provision.
Juan, 29.12.2022 When I was looking for the best provider, I wanted to get the best options in terms of price/quality ratio. And this provider fits perfectly. For an acceptable price, I got a stable and fast service.
anonymous, 14.02.2021 This service is definitely worth a try. You’ll rarely need any help from the host since all essential features work like a clock. I haven’t tried their support out yet but according to the reviews I’ve read online, it’s quite helpful. You can get anything necessary for building a beautiful website that will load in seconds. one of the most important things for a user is the time any page takes to load. I never got negative reviews about the speed or errors on my websites. Partially that’s because I have a great VPS.
Denis, 09.01.2024 I confidently recommend this service to my friends, colleagues, and business associates. The ability to conveniently pay for the subscription online at any hour is a valuable aspect that aligns perfectly with the needs of modern users.

Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it's also a great location to host a VPS server. Located in Europe, VPS servers are known to run pretty smoothly here, and response times are lightning-fast compared to other countries in the world. 

Hostworld offers a multitude of benefits when using our VPS Italy service, and you can expect the highest quality servers you can imagine when doing so. If you have a website that needs hosting, we are your best bet!

Amazing Benefits of Italy VPS Server

If you're still not sure whether you should opt for our hosting options, then you should check out some of the top advantages of using our Italy VPS servers: 

  • We are known for our blazing speeds when it comes to server response times. And it even helps when our servers can host in Italy—a country that's fast-paced in latency. With high speeds come no hassles in uploads and other endeavors as well, making your workflow sooth you much more smoothly. 
  • High performance is everything, which is why our team is dedicated to constantly updating to optimize for better performance at all times. We also customize our servers to be compatible with any software and hardware available to you—regardless of their model ages and milestones. 
  • When opting for our servers, expect a 99.99% uptime (basically no downtime), which means you can constantly put and host your site out there without fail! This is great for developers and end users, which scale your site drastically. We are very proud of this, and our team exhausted so many resources to make your experience on your end more seamless. 
  • Data centers with high-quality equipment. We invest a lot of money in marinating our data centers in the best condition possible. As a result, all our clients are extremely happy with the hosting options we deliver to them. And if you need to configure anything custom to your project, no problem! We can do that too for you in no time. 

Aren't these benefits so excellent? We know, right? There are so many advantages to go by, and we still need to be done explaining more about Italy VPS server. There's so much more, you have no idea! 

Italy VPS Hosting: Secure, Scalable, Any Operating System

Aside from these advantages, we stick to our core principles in web hosting to ensure that our clients receive high-performing and secure servers for VPS in Italy. 

  • The development process is long and meticulous, which is why our servers scale consistently no matter where we are in the development stage of Italy VPS hosting. We scale to ensure that our servers can still perform optimally, whether you're at the beginning or end of the cycle. 
  • Any operating system has no problem with our servers. No matter if it's Windows, Mac, or Linux, we perform the best out of all! Check yourself. 
  • Safety is our priority, so your site won't be bombarded with DDoS attacks or malicious content. With our optimized security protocols, you will sleep at night cozily, knowing we’ve got your back in safety! 

Order Premium VPS in Italy at Pocket-Friendly Prices!

Have you ever heard of the term "premium prices at friendly rates"? We haven’t. We came into the scene, and it became a possibility! You can expect quality speeds and security from us at a fraction of the price of those that offer not even half of what we can! We simply have the most excellent VPS Italy has ever seen! 

So place your orders now, hurry!

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